specimen #9950

img 16054 - 600 DPI
img 16055 - 600 DPI

finding location Gulf of Gdańsk
specimen key 50/6
coll. qw47
Collection in Poland
created: 22.04.2024


bycatch victim


longest primary H9=159,0mm
average individual
63% of max range of variation
longest secondary A14=125,0mm
longest retrix 0
all values

A1 98.0mm
A2 96.0mm
A18 36.0mm
A17 56.5mm
A16 79.0mm
A15 109.0mm
A14 125.0mm
A13 114.5mm
A12 102.0mm
A11 93.5mm
A10 92.0mm
A9 89.5mm
A8 89.0mm
A7 88.5mm
A6 88.5mm
A4 91.5mm
A5 89.0mm
H1 101.0mm
H2 108.5mm
H3 118.0mm
H4 126.5mm
H5 134.5mm
H6 143.0mm
H7 151.0mm
H8 157.0mm
H9 159.0mm
H10 152.5mm
A3 94.5mm