specimen #5052

img 7056 - 300 DPI

age / gender female
finding location Tottori, Japan
finding circumstances traffic victim
finding date 28.02.2020
coll. b873
Collections of the Tottori Prefectural Museum
created: 23.03.2020

species identification

ssp. cantans


longest primary H5=50,5mm
longest secondary A1=44,0mm
longest retrix S2=61,5mm
all values

A3 42.5mm
S5 53.5mm
S4 57.5mm
S3 59.5mm
S2 61.5mm
S1 61.5mm
A9 20.5mm
A8 27.5mm
A7 34.0mm
A6 37.0mm
A5 39.0mm
A4 41.0mm
H10 21.5mm
A2 43.5mm
A1 44.0mm
H1 45.5mm
H2 46.5mm
H3 47.5mm
H4 48.5mm
H5 50.5mm
H6 50.0mm
H7 49.0mm
H8 46.0mm
H9 38.0mm