specimen #5051

img 7055 - 300 DPI

age / gender ad. male
finding location Hyogo, Japan
finding circumstances window collision
finding date 28.03.2018
coll. b873
Collections of the Tottori Prefectural Museum
created: 22.03.2020


longest primary H7=110,5mm
longest secondary A1=83,5mm
longest retrix S5=101,0mm
all values

H10 19.5mm
H9 104.0mm
H8 110.0mm
H7 110.5mm
H6 107.5mm
H5 98.5mm
H4 93.5mm
H3 89.5mm
H2 86.5mm
H1 84.0mm
A1 83.5mm
A2 81.0mm
A3 78.5mm
A4 76.5mm
A5 73.5mm
A6 73.0mm
A7 71.0mm
A8 60.5mm
A9 44.0mm
S1 98.0mm
S2 100.0mm
S3 100.0mm
S4 99.5mm
S5 101.0mm
S6 101.0mm