specimen #2332

img 3528 - 200 DPI

finding location Olympos - Troodos-Gebirge (CYP) / Südeuropa
finding circumstances plucked feathers
finding date 06.05.2017
coll. igte
created: 05.06.2017


longest primary H7=120,5mm
average individual
57% of max range of variation
longest secondary 0
longest retrix 0
all values
H10 26.0mm
H1 91.5mm
H2 95.0mm
H3 97.0mm
H4 99.5mm
H5 105.5mm
H6 117.0mm
H7 120.5mm
H8 120.0mm
H9 113.0mm
H9 113.0mm
H1 91.5mm
H2 94.5mm
H3 96.5mm
H4 99.5mm
H5 105.5mm
H6 116.5mm
H7 120.0mm
H8 120.0mm