specimen #9137

img 15046 - 300 DPI
img 15047 - 300 DPI
img 15045 - 300 DPI

age / gender ad. female
finding location Trischendamm / Nordsee
finding circumstances washed up
finding date 10.12.2022
coll. igte
created: 26.06.2023

gender identification

Schnabellänge: 15cm


longest primary H9=240,5mm
biggest individual in collection
upper bound of range of variation
all values

A14 136.5mm
H4 176.0mm
H5 190.5mm
H6 207.0mm
H7 221.5mm
H8 234.0mm
H9 240.5mm
H10 237.0mm
A17 172.5mm
A16 160.5mm
A15 150.0mm
H3 160.0mm
A13 130.5mm
A12 129.5mm
A11 124.5mm
A10 124.5mm
A9 123.5mm
A8 121.5mm
A7 121.0mm
A6 122.5mm
A5 121.5mm
A4 124.5mm
A3 128.5mm
A2 131.0mm
A1 133.5mm
H1 138.5mm
H2 146.5mm