specimen #4222

img 6061 - 150 DPI
img 6063 - 150 DPI
img 6064 - 150 DPI

finding location Eiderstedt, Germany
specimen key 202/40 (Simmrow)
finding circumstances dead find
finding date 12.03.2012
coll. b82f
Collection in Poland
created: 11.03.2019


longest primary H9=230,0mm
average individual
51% of max range of variation
longest secondary A14=165,0mm
all values

A12 130.0mm
H10 227.5mm
A18 76.5mm
A17 109.0mm
A16 138.5mm
A15 156.5mm
A14 165.0mm
A13 134.0mm
A11 128.0mm
A10 125.0mm
A9 123.0mm
A8 121.0mm
A7 121.0mm
A6 121.0mm
A4 123.0mm
H9 230.0mm
H8 223.5mm
H7 213.0mm
H6 201.0mm
H5 185.0mm
H4 170.5mm
H3 156.0mm
H2 147.0mm
A5 120.5mm
A3 126.0mm
A2 131.5mm
A1 131.5mm
H1 137.0mm