specimen #3400

img 4942 - 300 DPI

subspecies L. m. meridionalis (nominate subspecies)
finding location Munera la Roda (ES)
finding circumstances traffic victim
finding date 01.08.1998
coll. f746
Naumann Museum Koethen, Germany - Coll. Dr. Busching
created: 22.05.2018


longest primary H6=93,5mm
biggest individual in collection
upper bound of range of variation
longest secondary A1=76,0mm
all values

H10 43.0mm
H9 73.5mm
H8 87.0mm
H7 92.0mm
H6 93.5mm
H2 82.0mm
H1 81.5mm
A1 76.0mm
A2 75.0mm
A3 73.5mm
A4 71.5mm
A5 68.0mm
A6 64.0mm
A7 58.0mm