specimen #10180

img 16302 - 600 DPI
img 16303 - 600 DPI
img 16304 - 600 DPI

age / gender ad. male
finding location Stare Oborzyska , Greater Poland
specimen key 401/4
finding circumstances window collision
finding date 18.04.2019
coll. qw47
Collection in Poland
created: 17.06.2024


longest primary H6=171,5mm
small individual
18% of max range of variation
longest secondary A2=118,5mm
longest retrix S5=163,0mm
small individual
14% of max range of variation
all values

A14 43.5mm
A5 107.0mm
S6 161.5mm
S5 163.0mm
S4 161.5mm
S3 157.0mm
S2 158.5mm
S1 159.5mm
A15 29.0mm
A13 66.5mm
A12 82.5mm
A11 89.0mm
A10 92.5mm
A9 94.5mm
A8 95.5mm
A7 98.5mm
H10 80.5mm
A4 112.0mm
A3 116.5mm
A2 118.5mm
A1 116.0mm
H1 116.5mm
H2 122.0mm
H3 127.0mm
A6 103.5mm
H5 163.0mm
H6 171.5mm
H7 167.0mm
H8 155.0mm
H9 125.0mm
H4 138.0mm