specimen #10131

img 16250 - 300 DPI

finding location Wiesen südl. von Rehna
finding circumstances plucked feathers
finding date 17.04.2024
coll. igte
created: 30.05.2024


longest primary H6=60,0mm
small individual
25% of max range of variation
longest secondary A1=51,0mm
all values

A3 50.0mm
H8 57.5mm
H7 59.0mm
H6 60.0mm
H5 58.5mm
H4 56.0mm
H3 54.0mm
H2 53.0mm
H1 52.5mm
A1 51.0mm
A2 51.0mm
S5 66.0mm
A4 48.5mm
A5 48.0mm
A6 45.0mm
A7 45.0mm
A8 36.5mm
A9 28.0mm
S2 63.5mm
S3 66.0mm
S4 66.0mm