Exhibit #9441

Finding data

subspecies halimodendri
Alter / Geschlecht 2nd cy
finding place Birlik, Kazakhstan
finding origin Plucked feathers
finding date 29.04.2022
Coll. c9e3
Collection in France
created on 18.09.2023 15:41Uhr

Species identification

Presumed halimodendri subspecies. Blythii subspecies cannot be excluded with certainty.


Longest Primary 54mm (7)
Longest Secondary 48.5mm (1)
Longest Rectrix 60mm (3)
Alle Werte

H9 47mm
H8 53mm
H7 54mm
H6 54mm
H5 53.5mm
H4 51.5mm
H3 51mm
H2 51mm
H1 51mm
A1 48.5mm
A2 48.5mm
A3 47.5mm
A4 46mm
A5 44.5mm
A6 42.5mm
A7 43mm
A8 36mm
A9 27mm
S1 58.5mm
S2 57.5mm
S3 60mm
S4 60mm
S5 60mm
S6 58.5mm

Picture #15379
300 DPI