Exhibit #8927

Finding data

Alter / Geschlecht 1st cy
finding place Musov / Südmähren
Schlüssel 181/1
finding origin Death find
finding date 21.07.1994
Coll. 2d81
Scientific feather collection Wilfried Hansen. Commercial use permitted under CC BY 4.0 license as long as credit is given to Wilfried Hansen and the Feather Research Group est. 1972
created on 21.03.2023 11:03Uhr

Age identification

Angabe "ad." am Beleg. Schulterfedern sehen jedoch juvenil aus


Longest Primary 79mm (9)
Longest Secondary 61.5mm (12)
Longest Rectrix nicht definiert
Alle Werte

H10 76.5mm
H9 79mm
H8 76mm
H7 71mm
H6 66mm
H5 60mm
H4 55.5mm
H3 52mm
H2 49mm
H1 45.5mm
A1 43.5mm
A2 43.5mm
A3 43.5mm
A4 44mm
A5 43mm
A6 43mm
A7 44mm
A8 45mm
A9 46mm
A10 48mm
A11 54.5mm
A12 61.5mm
A13 54mm
A14 43.5mm

Picture #14596
300 DPI
Picture #14596
300 DPI