Exhibit #6940

Velvet scoter
Melanitta fusca

Finding data

finding place Pomeranian Bay
finding origin Death find
finding date 2018
Coll. 411t


MTA with University of Gda?sk, Poland. Died in fishing net


Longest Primary 186.5mm (9)
Longest Secondary 116.5mm (1)
Longest Rectrix nicht definiert
Alle Werte

H10 180mm
H9 186.5mm
H8 182mm
H7 174mm
H6 166mm
H5 156mm
H4 147.5mm
H3 139mm
H2 130mm
H1 123.5mm
A1 116.5mm
A2 116mm
A3 115mm
A4 113mm
A5 109mm
A6 107mm
A7 104.5mm
A8 103.5mm
A9 103.5mm
A10 103mm
A11 105.5mm
A12 110mm
A13 115.5mm
A14 111.5mm
A15 112.5mm
A16 101.5mm
A17 74.5mm

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150 DPI